Dedicated Attorneys Help Workers Fight Back Against Illegal Employment-Related Discrimination

Many people today feel as if employers hold all the cards. In fact, there are many protections enshrined in the law that employees can put to use when businesses fail to treat them appropriately. Employment Lawyers regularly take on and win cases, for example, where companies have discriminated against workers in illegal, forbidden ways. Being ready to seek out such counsel and representation can help right the balance in ways that will make a long-lasting difference.

Well Established Legal Protections Cover Many Workers

Most states today maintain a view of the relationship between worker and employer that is often described as “at-will employment.” Under legal arrangements of this kind, either party to an employment agreement can terminate it any time for almost any reason.

On the other hand, federal and state laws also carve out certain exceptions that are designed to protect workers who might otherwise face harmful, pernicious discrimination. In practice, businesses are not normally allowed to fire, refuse to hire, or otherwise treat workers unfavorably on the basis of qualities including their:

  • Gender. Not so very long ago, it used to be considered entirely normal for employers to only hire people of certain genders even for roles where that was not an especially relevant issue. Today, on the other hand, businesses generally have to make solid, substantive cases as to why only a person of a particular gender can serve in a particular position. Companies that discriminate otherwise on the basis of gender can face large judgments, as a result.
  • Race. While plenty of progress remains to be achieved, great strides have been made toward lessening the impact of racism in the workplace. Nowadays, most employers strive to assemble diverse workforces that do a better job than those of the past at reflecting the racial and ethnic makeup of society. Even so, racial discrimination remains quite common in the workplace, and major cases against employers are frequently won after alleging it.

Attorneys Who are Ready to Fight for the Rights of Their Clients

With other traits such as age, religion, and disability also being legally protected against discrimination from employers, workers quite often find themselves in the midst of employment-related cases. Attorneys who are ready to make sure that employment discrimination will be addressed appropriately make a positive difference for many clients every year.