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How to Make a Homemade Snowball Thrower

It involves throwing snowballs intentionally to hit somebody else. The participants are only meant to form a ball of ice and use it to hit someone else. One characteristic is that this type of fighting does not aim to viciously assault the players, it involves minimal physical contact between players, and that the game requires the need to form teams or at least have two participants opposing each other. The info. will assist you in making a snowball thrower that can help hit as many people as possible and have lots of fun in snow fights.

This increases the chances of hitting someone far away from you while snowball fighting. The materials required to make the snowball thrower includes: a long wooden pole like a broom handle, a bolt that is one and a half inches long. This is where the bowl that is meant to hold the snow will be mounted. This holes are to help attaching the bowl to the wooden pole, the method of drilling a hole does not matter as long as the bolt will fit in. The best way to make a good hole is dependent on the type of material used, that is plastic, metal or wooden. The quarter inch washer should be placed onto the bolt, then the bolt inserted through the hole at the bottom of the bowl or the selected material of choice. The snowball thrower is ready to use, this is after carefully following the instructions of how to make a snowball thrower. If it is winter, try using the snowball watcher that you made by trying to launch a snowball before you actually use it to compete. practice several times.

Snowballs are only effective if they are fired at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground and the snowball should be definitely smaller than the bowl size. The use of snowball thrower during a snowball fight enables the participants enjoy the game unlike if they used their hands to build up and throw the snowball. Considering that this is an outdoor activity and the participants flex their muscles when using the snowball launcher, one is able to strengthen their muscles and bones. Players get the chance to prevent obesity by running around with a launcher inn their hands, throwing snowballs at others. This can help address the issue of participants getting diseases that come from excess exposure to cold temperatures.

The launcher also increases their ability to hit their targets as it is easy to point it at their opponent and throw the snow at them. This is achieved by saving on time needed for the participant to make snowball. Using the launchers the snowball fight becomes more enjoyable. considering the fact that this launcher can hit someone that is 60 feet away from you as compared to throwing with the hands that will cover only a short distance of 30 feet.